What to wear
All children should bring a pair of shoes to wear indoors, a change of clothes in case of accidents and suitable outdoor clothing. Children will have a peg and a small bag should be provided to keep their gym shoes and change of clothes in. Parents should ensure that outdoor shoes are suitable for walking in (crocs and sandals are not always appropriate).

All the children who attend the morning session should bring a packed lunch with them and these should be put in the large fridge in the nursery area. Please ensure your child’s lunchbox is clearly labelled with their name to help avoid any confusion. We do operate a healthy eating policy and would appreciate if you would help us in promoting this with the children. Lunches ideally should consist of a mixture of the following: sandwhiches, fruit, yoghurt, raw vegetables, salad, cheese, finger food, and a non fizzy drink in a suitable bottle. Unfortunately due to the number of children and the time constraints we are unable to heat up any hot food during the nursery session.

Snack time
A small snack will be provided during the session focusing on healthy eating and will include fruit, cheese and crackers, dip etc. Milk or water is also provided. Please do let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies as this will help us ensure we can always meet their needs.

Outdoor play
We have outdoor weather suits and wellies so our children will have the opportunity for plenty fresh air regardless of what the weather is doing. We do try and make the best use of our garden area and local facilities throughout the year. Please ensure that your child always has clothing suitable for the weather in both winter and summer time. We never know what the weather is going to do in Lochaber – so we are always prepared!

How do I find out what is happening?
It is important that you as a parent/carer know what is going on in the Centre and communication is vital between parents and staff. A large notice board is located in the foyer, which displays information on what is happening in the Centre and displays updated policies, staff details and any other relevant notices. Each Friday you will receive a note informing you what the children have been doing for the last week and detailing what will be happening the following week.

Entering and leaving the Centre
When arriving and leaving the Centre you must ensure that you sign the sigining in sheets. It is essential that all adults ensure children are supervised when in the car park and leaving the building. Please take care to escort your child safely to your car and be aware of the dangers that could exist. Once your child leaves the building the Centre is no longer responsible for their care.